Insight / Incoming / Haus of Goth Totes

HAUS OF GOTH TOTE BAGS We have reimagined our tote bags, one of our staple items in The Haus of Goth line. The new totes will now all have two-sided printing and a black colour scheme instead of white. The new bags are made of 100% cotton and will include the ‘Ursprunglich’ Volume logo, which […]

Insight / Incoming / The Crimson and Black Tee

THE CRIMSON AND BLACK TEE ‘The Crimson & Black’ was designed in 2017, before Haus of Goth was an established brand. It is now officially acknowledged as the first design in the Haus of Goth collection. Already available on our Cropped Hoodies, we are pleased to inform that ‘The Crimson and Black’ is now available […]

Insight / Incoming / Agent of Chaos Tee

AGENT OF CHAOS TEE In a world where conformity can often takes centre stage, it’s tempting to express your uniqueness. That’s precisely what Agent of Chaos stands for, its a symbol of defiance and a call to embrace your inner rebel. Meticulously created by Stephen Richardson using pastels on black card, this design will first […]

Insight / Incoming / Haus of Goth Tee and Hoodie

HAUS OF GOTH HOODIE AND TEE We’re thrilled to unveil the latest gem in the Haus of Goth range. This masterpiece is the seventh creation in Volume I and will eventually become the defining emblem of the entire collection. As you can see in these exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, you can see every intricate detail of […]